Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about TRAILS? Whether you’re an educator, mental health provider, or member of the community, you’ll find helpful information below.

For school staff and mental health professionals

TRAILS Partnerships

How can my school become a TRAILS partner?

Our primary initiatives are within Michigan, Colorado, and Massachusetts. While our capacity for new partnerships is greatest in these three states, we encourage potential partners in other areas to reach out to us so that we are able to reconnect when TRAILS expansions occur. Whether you are based in MI, CO, MA, or elsewhere, send us a brief message about your school or district and its needs.

How long is a partnership with TRAILS?

While partnership length depends on the type and number of TRAILS programs a school or district chooses to provide, most partnerships involve an initial training and implementation phase of 1-2 years. Once this phase is complete, schools receive the support they need to sustain TRAILS programming long-term, including ongoing access to program materials, weekly Q&A sessions for implementers, and professional development opportunities such as refresher trainings, informative newsletters, and more.

How can I learn about TRAILS training opportunities?

Training in the delivery of TRAILS programming is available only to staff at our partner schools. Learn more about TRAILS partnerships here.