Our Advisory Board

The TRAILS Advisory Board provides our executive leadership team with governance and strategic planning support. Their expertise helps move the TRAILS mission forward.

Andrea Cole
Board Chair
Andrea Cole is executive director and CEO of the Ethel and James Flinn Foundation, an organization committed to improving the quality, scope, and delivery of mental health services in Michigan. Prior to joining the foundation, she was chief financial officer and treasurer of the Skillman Foundation in Detroit.
Becky Cienki
Board Member
Becky Cienki is a program director with the Michigan Health Endowment Fund, a statewide organization focused on improving the health and wellness of Michigan residents. Prior to joining the Health Fund, she served as chief operating officer of the Michigan Primary Care Association.
Daphne C. Watkins
Board Member
Daphne C. Watkins is a university diversity and social transformation professor and professor of social work at the University of Michigan. She studies behavioral interventions for marginalized groups, mixed methods approaches to research in context, and leadership development. She also directs the Curtis Center for Health Equity Research and Training and is the founding director of the GendHR Lab and the YBMen Project.
Joan Evans
Board Member
Joan Evans is a director at Prosper Road Foundation, an organization dedicated to transforming the lives of youth who come from disadvantaged families or communities by providing access to high quality educational opportunities and mental health support so that they can pursue their full potential. Prior to this role, Joan served as a school psychologist in Skokie, Illinois.